Thursday, May 25, 2006

I saw this truck on Monday, cruising up 400 north of Atlanta.

It has Bush/Cheney stickers, yellow ribbons and an American flag. It also has this bumpersticker on it.

It says "If ignorance was painful, there would be a lot of Democrats in pain." Below is the ignorant fuck's gas cap. Notice anything?

I get the feeling if ignorance was painful, he would be in agony.

Monday, May 15, 2006

This Is Why Email Is Cool.

Recently, I switched from XM to Sirius satellite radio- more on that later. One of the reason's I switched was to get Little Steven's Underground Garage 24/7. They have some of the coolest people playing the coolest songs ever recorded. I have just been grooving on the tunes, and getting to know the DJs a little, except for Joan Jett, who everybody knows.

Saturday morning I was listening and this DJ Andrew Loog Oldham was talking about an article he read. A group being interviewed included Ted Kennedy. When asked about one of his favorite times or things, my memory fades, Kennedy responded the drive home to Nantucket. Loog responded he thought that odd that Kennedy, sadly best known for Chappaquiddick, would use that as an answer. He then spoke a moment about that, in a very unflattering way.

I shot off an email to him; Sirius's display shows the email address for the shows. I mentioned how I am rather tired of Kennedy bashing about Chappaquiddick and explained some issues with cold water accidents and rescues, which is not what you see on Mannix or Starsky and Hutch. Surprisingly, I received an email back from him rather quickly. We have not changed each other's mind, but we have had a civil discussion and have agreed to keep an open mind. He seems to a nice guy, but probably leans a bit to the right politically.

To cut to the chase, why is this odd? Well, we had a civil discussion about a hot button issues for many, and both of us seem to be respectful and appear to be keeping an open mind. The other interesting thing is that this DJ, Andrew Loog Oldham, is The Rolling Stones' original manager and a record producer! How cool is that. This guy who is somebody in the world or Rock & Roll has taken a few minutes to exchange ideas with some guy. I find it very neat! Maybe I can get Joan Jett to answer an email!

Of course, my next conversation with a few buddies will begin with: "Loog, you know the original manager The Rolling Stones, sent me an email the other day....."