Thursday, December 08, 2005

Machine Head Deluxe

Although this was released in 1998, I just picked up the deluxe 2 cd version of Deep Purple's Machine Head. Wow! The original album is certainly on my list of top rock albums of all time. This deluxe edition has the Roger Glover Remixes of the original 7 songs, plus a b-side to the first single. The remixes are fantastic. Nothing new was added when these were done- everything is from the original 16 track master tapes. Glover upped the lower frequencies, as a bass player most likely would, and stripped off a bit of the polish. The songs have more punch to them on these versions. There are some "mixed out" alternate Blackmore guitar solos that did not make the final mix, as well as extended intros and outros, tossed in as a special treat. This second disc is certainly worth the extra bucks. A couple of quadraphonic mixes are tacked on to the first disc, but who has a quadraphonic system?

"Smoke on the Water" is one of the most recognized rock classics with its crunchy opening riff. "Highway Star" and "Space Trucking" are radio staples. However, I am finding myself really enjoying "Lazy" and "Never Before." I have not really heard these much before, but they are grabbing my attention as I drive down the road. What a shame egos tore this band apart.

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