Monday, April 24, 2006

He Tried.

For a moment I got a chuckle over this:

FORKS, Wash. - A hunter mauled by a black bear had been chasing the animal on private timberland when the animal turned the tables on its pursuers, officials said Sunday.


It appeared the hunters had been pursuing the bear for some time, Fish and Wildlife Officer Brian Fairbanks said.

“It’s like, you have the fight or flight response. It ran for so long, and then decided, ‘We’re not going to run any more,”’ Fairbanks said.

At that point, the hunter and the bear were in heavy brush, the officer said. “He didn’t realize the bear was there, and when he got close enough the bear jumped out and grabbed him.”

It was not a surprise attack, he said.

“They knew it was there — they’d been chasing it,” Fairbanks said. “The guy got bit, but he was the one who put himself in position to get bit.”

The chuckle ended when I read the bear was shot and killed by another hunter. On the bright side, the first hunter required surgery to be put back together, and was probably in a lot of pain.

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