Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Live On The Edge And You Can Fall Off.

Thrasher's were on the edge of making the playoffs for a while, and they fell. They are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. Coach Hartley summed it best:

Garney pulls a groin, I guess we just finish the season the way we started.

Number 1 goalie Kari Lehtonen missed most of the season with a groin pull. Backup Dunham went out with a groin pull. They had another "name" goalie whose name I cannot remember who went out injured. (Steve shields assigned to a minor league team for conditioning after returning from injury.) We played most of the season with two minor league goalies, Michael Garnett and Adam Berkhoel, who battled but where not yet up to the task. Last years starter, Pasi Nurminen, was lost before the season even started to a knee injury.

I guess we will need more than 6 goalies for next year.

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