Saturday, June 03, 2006

San Francisco Day 2!

Wow, there is just so much to do! I am still a bit foggy headed from the trip out, but have been busy.

Got up yesterday and rode my bike down to the Marina, out to Point Hood, and over the hills and out to Ocean Beach. Some of those hills will be in the race. They are steep, but candy compared to some of the stuff I see in North Georgia. I enjoyed the ride. Ocean Beach was fogged in so I could not see any surfing, but one surfer told me it was small but clean. I met an English chap named Simon, and he tagged along. A very nice guy. He is joining us for a run tomorrow (today).

Back at the hotel my training partner Doug called the room. He had arrived. His family had arrived. His lugged had arrived. His bike was in Chicago.

Doug, Terri, Kenzie and I headed out for some sight seeing in his rented Grand Cherokee (Parking at the hotel $25 a day plus tax). Lombard Street was first on the list. Then we headed up to Coit Tower and saw some great views of the city. Seeing all the housing and businesses crammed together from above is pretty amazing. There is no wasted space. The land is far too valuable. The lady in the elevator going to the top of the tower was a wealth of information, but I could not understand a word she said. She was very nice and enthusiastic, however.

We drove down by the Marina, and then over the Golden Gate to see some of the views from the other side. Very windy to me, but locals said it was rather mild. I had trouble holding the camera still for some shots. People next to me were taking the same picture, but I just know mine are better. We drove through Golden Gate Recreation Area and meandered down to Rodeo Beach, where I had been in '99. Through the fog we saw a bunch of surfers who could not catch a wave. Military buildings dotted the hills inland.

After a short stop at the hotel we headed out for diner in Chinatown. We actually found a parking meter to park at. We loaded a bunch of quarters in, and got 17 minutes of parking. They should put dollar bill feeders on those. We ended up in a little place right by where we parked. After we looked over the menu the lady/manager/hostess came over and asked if we had eaten there before. We said not. She grabbed our menus and said "Don't you worry, I bring you out something good. What you like? Chicken, chicken, beef, shrimp? I bring you three dishes. You like. Trust me." the table behind us said, "Trust her." We did. It was good. I did ask specifically for pot stickers. They were good. Luckily, I did not visit the restroom until after we ate. It was right next to the kitchen. There were a few health code violations going on, but I bet it was the same in every little place.

We strolled through Chinatown. I did not see the entrance gates, but saw a bunch of cool shops. I bought a very cool fleece lined, reversible windbreaker for $15.99. It will probably fall apart the first time I wash it, but at that price does it matter? The proprietor of this Chinatown establishment was of Hispanic origin. Go figure. The kite shop was very cool, but who knew you could blow almost $200 on a single kite?

Back at the hotel Doug called the airline. His bike would be delivered between 2:00 and 6:30. Doug explained to the guy it was now actually 7, passed 6:30. The guy said his bike would be delivered between 2:00 and 6:30. They should have flown Frontier Airlines.

Back out we strolled to the marina. We visited the sea lions, which were even more noisy that yesterday, barking steadily. Street performers were out in force. I had seen the statue guy yesterday- he just stands on a box and does not move. Tonight we saw Bush man. He sits on a box holding some greenery he has probably stolen in front of him. He then cares people as they walk by. There was a crowd of people standing across the street watching him. Hi-jinks galore. Walking back by him Doug tried to scare him. Bush Man did not find that funny. The sun setting over the bay and Pier 39 was nice. It did get cold quickly.

Back at the hotel, still no bike. Thus, it was the end of Bike Watch 2006 Day 1.

As always, more pics on my Flickr account page.

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