Tuesday, June 20, 2006

San Francisco Day 5

Day 5 was going to start with a bike trip to Haight-Ashbury and the Golden Gate Park, a small part of which I cycled during the race. Sadly, I awoke to a flat tire on the front of my bike, mentioned previously. I did not want to risk a flat so reluctantly decided to skip Haight-Ashbury until another trip. I headed, instead, to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

I had been looking forward to SF MOMA. I like modern art and so this little trip had been on my calendar from day one. Sadly, about 40% of the exhibits were closed, including the Picturing Modernity photo exhibit I had been looking forward to. I still did get to see some interesting stuff.

• The Art of Design – The architecture and design collection was a wonderful collection of how artistic design can be useful in architecture, industrial and household design. From buildings to motorcycles to furniture. This was probably my favorite open exhibit, but I did feel it should be bigger.
• Shomei Tomatsu: Skin of the Nation – An exhibition of a Japanese postwar photographer who documented the aftermath of the atomic bombing, the influence of the American military, the 1930’s economic boom and pop culture. So many fascinating photographs with a nuanced insight into life in Japan. The exhibit really gave a fascinating glimpse into postwar Japan.
• Beyond Art and Life – The contemporary painting and sculpture collection was a diverse collection. I think I appreciated the paintings more than the sculpture.

No photography was allowed inside, so no pictures for you!

After MOMA I wondered around the Market Street area taking pictures.

Then I walked towards Chinatown, to get a photograph of the front gate, which I had not seen on the previous trip.

Then I just headed back towards the bay, taking in what I could. I passed the “seedy” part of town, then the “churchy” part of town, and then made it back to the Lombard area.

For my final evening in town, I did not want to do much. I did want to try and get some pictures of a few Victorians. I walked a few miles, snapped some pictures, and then made my way towards the water front again. I saw more parks with, again, lots of people using them. The evening was very nice. Many people were out with their dogs after work. Little dog parties were forming at several parks. Lots of people were out exercising. This is a great city.

There was this lush park above the bay with lots of people exercising, and a dog party going on. I found this great statue with some intricate tile work at the base. If only I could have taken it home....

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